About Cybersports

Capitalizing on the lucrative convergence of sports entertainment, training and marketing, Cybersports Ventures (CV) is pioneering a new era in sports technology. Its products consist of multiple technological advancements, such as embedded motion tracking in real balls and pucks as well as augmented reality that surrounds the player in a 3D professional sports environment. When combined, these technologies seamlessly merge the real and the virtual and create “entertraining” experiences that will revolutionize sports entertainment and training forever.

Meet Our Team


Adam Slocum

Founder and CEO

Matthew Kittay

Legal Counsel

Emily Fawcett

Business Development

Michael Chan

Strategic Planning

Lucas Mack


Cybersports P.L.U.S.

Cybersports PLUS (Positive Living Using Sports) is the non-profit arm of Cybersports Ventures (CV). It specializes in the development and distribution of real-ball, computer-based sports simulation products for adaptive sports experiences. CV’s non-profit mission is to supply its ASSETS (Adaptive Simulated Sports Entertainment & Training Systems) to make these experiences available to virtually everyone, regardless of age, skill level or disability.

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Leveraging the Cybersports technology, CV is developing a visitor venue attraction called AthleteXperience, featuring multiple themed exhibits where sports fans can feel what it’s like to be a professional athlete. AthleteXperience strives to become the ultimate interactive sports celebration, with a mix of entertainment and education as well as active and passive engagement. Launching in the Metro NYC area in 2019, CV plans to roll out a national chain of these venues in major U.S. cities where pro sports franchises reside, connecting them all via www.AthleteXperience.com.

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Drop us a line adam@athletexperience.com 347.601.8400 120 Riverside Boulevard, Suite 10T, New York, NY 10069